Graphic listing top 10 dating apps designed for polyamorous individuals seeking new connections

10 Apps for polyamorous dating that can help you connect with new partners

Specialized dating apps are emerging to cater to the growing non-monogamous community and provide a safe space for individuals to connect and find compatible partners.

Beyond the Mainstream: Apps Designed for Non-monogamy

Unlike traditional dating apps, these platforms prioritize inclusivity and embrace diverse relationship styles. Here are some popular options:

#1 – Feeld

Feeld is a well-known app among the non-monogamous community, celebrated for its inclusivity of various relationship styles and kinks. The app allows users to form group chats and link profiles with partners, fostering a community of openness and shared interests.

In-App PurchasesPrices
Majestic Membership 30 days$24.99
Pack of 10 Pings $11.99
Single Ping $1.99
Feeld Subscription 30 days$24.99
Majestic Membership 90 days$42.99
Pack of 5 Pings$7.99
Feeld Subscription 90 days$42.99
Pack of 20 Pings$19.99
Majestic Membership 1 year$124.99
Pricing is based on

4.3⭐ 65.3K reviews

#2 – #open

#open is another app that stands out for its unique use of hashtags, enabling users to discover others with similar interests, kinks, and relationship preferences. It’s designed with the non-monogamous community in mind, facilitating easier connections among like-minded individuals.

In-App PurchasesPrices
Supporting Membership Monthly $9.99
Spark Pack (3)$1.99
Supporting Membership Monthly$14.99
Prices are based on

3.4⭐ 596K reviews | 10M+ Downloads

#3 – okcupid

OkCupid may be one of the older players in the dating app game, but it has stayed relevant by embracing non-monogamy and offering options for polyamorous users to find each other through tags and detailed profiles.

In-App PurchasesPrices
OkCupid Premium$19.99
OkCupid Premium$59.99
OkCupid Premium$44.99
OkCupid Premium$15.99
OkCupid Premium$7.99
OkCupid Premium$29.99
Prices are based on

3.4⭐ 596K reviews | 10M+ Downloads

#4 – Hinge

Hinge differentiates itself by allowing users to specify their relationship goals and styles, including non-monogamy. This feature enables users to be upfront about their dating preferences and seek out others who are open to polyamorous relationships.

In-App PurchasesPrices
Bundle of three Roses$9.99
Hinge Subscription$14.99
Hinge Subscription$29.99
Bundle of twelve Roses$29.99
Hinge Subscription$34.99
Hinge Subscription$24.99
Hinge Subscription$32.99
Prices are based on

3.4⭐ 596K reviews | 10M+ Downloads

#5 – Bloom Community

Bloom Community is relatively new but specifically targets alternative relationship structures. It also connects users to local events, enhancing the community aspect of non-monogamous dating.

In-App PurchasesPrices
SuperBloomer – 1 month$24.99
SuperBloomer – 3 month$47.99
SuperBloomer $14.99
SuperBloomer – 12 month$71.99
SuperBloomer $29.99
SuperBloomer $49.99
Prices based on

3.4⭐ 596K reviews | 10M+ Downloads

#6 – Tinder

Tinder, despite being known for more mainstream dating, is also used by polyamorous individuals due to its large user base. Clear communication in profiles about being polyamorous helps filter potential matches.

In-App PurchasesPrices
Tinder Gold$14.99
Tinder Gold$18.99
1 Boost$7.99
1 Boost$6.99
Tinder Gold$24.99
Tinder Plus$9.99
5 Super Likes$4.99
1 Boost$3.99
Tinder Gold$14.99
3 Super Likes$9.99
Prices based on

4.0⭐ 1M reviews | 100M+ Downloads

#7 – Headero

Headero caters to those with specific sexual preferences but includes features that are friendly to polyamorous users, such as the ability to filter for non-monogamous individuals.

In-App PurchasesPrices
1 Week$4.99
1 Month$15.99
3 Months$40.99
Price based on

3.1⭐ 155 reviews | 100K+ Downloads

#8 – 3Fun

3Fun is designed for those seeking polyamorous, open, or non-monogamous relationships, particularly catering to singles and couples looking for such dynamics.

In-App PurchasesPrices
3Fun VIP Services$29.99
3Fun VIP Services$29.99
3Fun VIP Service for 1 month$29.99
3Fun VIP Service for 1 month$29.99
3fun Priority Messages$9.99
3Fun VIP Service for 1 month$29.99
3fun Priority Messages$19.99
3Fun VIP Service for 1 month$29.99
3Fun VIP Service for 1 month$29.99
3Fun VIP Service for 3 months$39.99
Prices based on

4.2⭐ 41.1K reviews | 1M+ Downloads

#9 – Sniffies

Sniffies is aimed at the gay/bi male community and, while known for facilitating casual hookups, has also become a space for polyamorous individuals seeking a third partner or more open arrangements.

Sniffies features a map that shows the approximate locations of nearby users who are currently or recently online, as well as active groups and popular meeting spots in the area. Users can browse the map to view profiles, chat, and share pictures with potential partners in their area.

Sniffies+ FeaturesPrices
1 Week Trail$7.99
6 Months$9.99/mo (71% off)
3 Months$11.99/mo (65% off)
1 Month$14.99/mo (57% off)
Prices based on


3rder prides itself on offering a safe space for users to connect for both relationships and friendships. The app emphasizes privacy and security, ensuring user information such as email addresses, photos, and other personal details remain confidential and protected.

In-App PurchasesPrices
One Month Membership$14.99
Six Months Auto-Renewable Membership$49.99
Three Months Auto-Renewable Membership$34.99
One month VIP membership$14.99
Prices based on

4.6⭐ 758 reviews | 10K+ Downloads

Adapting Existing Platforms:

Even mainstream dating platforms like Tinder, with its large user base, can be utilized by polyamorous individuals through clear profile communication regarding their relationship style. Similarly, Headero, with its focus on specific sexual preferences, also features options for polyamorous users looking to filter for compatible individuals.

Apps for Specific Demographics:

For those seeking specific dynamics within polyamorous relationships, apps like 3Fun cater to singles and couples looking for open relationships or polyamorous connections. Additionally, Sniffies, initially used within the gay/bi male community for casual encounters, has become a space for individuals seeking polyamorous partnerships or exploring open relationships.

Building a Community, Breaking Down Barriers:

These diverse apps offer a much-needed safe space for the polyamorous community to explore dating options, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a sense of community and understanding. By providing platforms that celebrate diversity and challenge traditional relationship norms, these apps are helping to break down barriers and embrace the various ways people can love and connect.

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