Graphic tracing the origin and evolution of the term 'throuple' within modern relationship contexts

where does throuple come from

The emergence of the term “throuple” can be traced back to the mid-1990s, where it first appeared in online forums such as Usenet discussions on non-traditional relationships. Initially coined as a playful blend of “three” and “couple,” it quickly gained traction within niche communities exploring polyamory and open relationship structures.

Other terms for throuple:

  1. Throuple: A blend of “three” and “couple,” this term is the most widely recognized and commonly used descriptor for a romantic relationship involving three people.
  2. Triad: This term emphasizes the triangular nature of the relationship, highlighting the interconnectedness of all three individuals within the romantic partnership.
  3. Ménage à Trois: Derived from French, this term literally translates to “household of three.” While it can refer to any arrangement involving three people, it’s often used to describe a sexual relationship between three individuals.
  4. Polyfidelity: This term denotes a closed or exclusive throuple arrangement in which all members are committed exclusively to one another, without seeking additional partners outside the triad.
  5. Polyamorous Triad: This term explicitly acknowledges the polyamorous nature of the relationship, indicating that all three individuals are open to forming emotional and romantic connections with multiple partners.
  6. Three-way Relationship: A straightforward descriptor that emphasizes the involvement of three individuals in a romantic partnership, without necessarily implying any specific relationship structure.
  7. Threelationship: A playful blend of “three” and “relationship,” this term serves as a lighthearted alternative to “throuple” and highlights the unique nature of the triadic connection.
  8. Non-Hierarchical Triad: This term denotes a throuple in which all members are considered equal partners, without any hierarchy or ranking among them.
  9. Polyamorous V: While technically not exclusive to throuples, this term describes a relationship structure in which one individual is romantically involved with two others who are not romantically involved with each other, forming a “V” shape.
  10. Triangular Love: This term is often used in psychological or sociological contexts to describe the complex interplay of emotions and attachments within a throuple relationship.

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