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Couples to Throuples” is a groundbreaking reality TV series streaming on Peacock that ventures into the world of polyamory, showcasing the journey of four couples curious about expanding their romantic horizons by introducing a third partner into their relationship.

The show is an intimate exploration of love beyond conventional monogamy, challenging social norms and diving deep into the emotions and complexities of forming a throuple.

The series is hosted by Scott Evans, a journalist and television personality known for his role on Access Hollywood. Born in New Jersey and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Evans has a rich background in broadcasting, having previously anchored Channel One News and served as the on-court host for NBA’s Indiana Pacers and WNBA’s Indiana Fever. His expertise and charismatic presence bring a unique dynamic to the show, guiding both participants and viewers through the intricate world of polyamorous relationships.

Adding to the show’s depth is sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard, who provides invaluable insights and guidance to the couples as they navigate this new terrain. Howard, known for her work in “Couple to Throuples” (2024) and “Adulting with Jane” (2019), plays a crucial role in helping the couples understand their feelings, set boundaries, and communicate effectively as they explore the potential of becoming a throuple.

The series unfolds in a stunning tropical resort, where the couples meet and date potential third partners. Each episode delves into different aspects of the relationships, such as chemistry, boundaries, jealousy, core values, honesty, communication, and commitment. Viewers are given a raw look into the highs and lows of these explorations, from the initial excitement of new connections to the potential heartbreak and challenges that arise.

Couples to Throuples” is not just a reality show; it’s an invitation to viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of love, relationships, and what it means to commit to someone—or someones. As the series progresses, the couples must confront the ultimate question: will they commit as a throuple, return to life as a couple, or walk away single? The show is a compelling narrative that promises to keep audiences engaged, questioning, and perhaps even reconsidering the boundaries of love.

For more details about the show and its dynamic hosts, you can follow Rebecca Calb on her Instagram page here.

Release date February 8, 2024 (United States)

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